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Learn how to analyze data using Python. You will learn the basics of data analysis, operate simple statistical analysis, predict advanced data trends, create data visualization, etc. You will get introduced to Python’s essential tools and libraries for performing data science.
  • Data analyst and data scientist interested in Python for performing data science.
  • Business Analyst and Business Intelligence Experts who are keen to know how to perform Python for data analyzing.
  • Software engineers and developers who want to master Python for analyzing data.
  • Candidates who are familiar with basic Python.
  • Analyze Python data using a database
  • Describe data acquisition and analysis techniques
  • Identify three Python libraries and us
  • Learn about Python Libraries
  • Create informative, useful visualization for analyzing data
  • Perform common statistical data and get conclusions about data
  • Basic knowledge of Numpy which is basic of all Python
  • Learn to build predictive models and perform predictive analysis