Cookie policy

Cookie policy

SkillTechLab uses cookies to store, share and collect your browsing history in our site and across the website. These cookies allow us to follow-up your access in our site such as access timing, preferred courses/ services/ interests. SkillTechLab uses automated data collection tool like cookies, scripts, tags, and customized links when user access our sites and services.

• Some cookies plays essential role which helps to perform basic functionalities like user’s login information in our site and related data when a user logged in back in our site.

• Insight cookies used to track activities of users within our website which helps to improve users experience with SkillTechLab.

The user will see warning every time cookies being used for the essential functionalities so that user can select whether one can allow the cookies or not. User can control the cookies presence through browser settings.

If the user does not allow cookies, some of special features and functionalities may disable for the specific user which may affect their experience while accessing our site.